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Attack On Titan: Top 5 Harsh Realities Of Being An Ackerman

The Ackermans are known for their superhuman abilities, but little is known about the hardships the clan had to go through to get where they are now.

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The Ackerman Clan remains one of the most mysterious bloodlines in Attack On Titan. There are very few members that fans get to see. Kenny, Levi, and Mikasa have all dealt with the positive and negative aspects that come along with being an Ackerman.

The Ackermans are known for their superhuman abilities, but little is known about all the hardships the clan had to go through to get where they are now. The pain and suffering of their ancestors still place a heavy toll on the current generation.

The Ackermans’ History Has Been Erased

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The Ackerman Clan was sworn to secrecy and not allowed to talk about the Eldian Empire’s past. The existence of the clan itself was also lost throughout history as no mention of their name can be found in any public documents.

The current generation of Ackermans has little to no knowledge about themselves or where they came from. Their existence is only found in stories and legends told by the Royal Family.

They Were Forced To Serve The Royal Family

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The Eldian Empire conducted experiments that lead to the accidental creation of the Ackerman bloodline. They were researching Titan science, which led to the existence of the clan. Upon completion of their research, they were forced to protect the Eldian King. There was a lot of pressure put on them to make sure that humanity survived past the Titans era.

Kenny Ackerman had a close relationship with the Royal Family and began working for Uri Reiss, who was the King at one point. Although this seems positive, Kenny planned to betray the Royal Family when he found out they were using him for his strength as an Ackerman.

They Were Hunted Down Heavily

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After the collapse of the Royal Family and the Eldian Empire, the Ackerman Clan was hunted to near extinction. They fled for safety within the walls, but because the King could not control them, he decided that it would be better to have them all killed. The King was scared that the Ackermans would overthrow him and decided that eradication of their bloodline was the only way to protect the Eldians.

Fearing decimation and in order to protect their children, the Ackermans took a vow of silence to never discuss the existence of their clan. The combination of the hunt and the vow is what effectively eradicated the Ackerman clan.

Their Powers Awaken Through Trauma

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In order to obtain the Ackerman abilities, each member of the clan must experience severe trauma to awaken their dormant powers. Mikasa awakened her powers in order to protect Eren and herself. The murder of her parents was the moment that changed her life forever. Mikasa’s abilities were triggered by Eren telling her to fight, allowing her to take on the criminals in her home.

The awakening is determined by the fight or flight mode. Their instincts allow them to get stronger, but not without suffering first. If an Ackerman never experiences mental trauma, they will not be able to gain any abilities. The pain and suffering leaves the Ackermans with a past that will impact them forever.

An Ackerman Has To Die To Pass On Their Powers To The Next Generation

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In the Royal Government arc, Kenny explains that the Ackermans’ powers are also inherited. In order for the abilities to pass from one generation to the next, a previous heir must die. Similar to Titan Shifters, their awakening depends on the loss of someone close to them, such as the murder of Mikasa’s parents or the death of Levi’s mother.

The clan’s memories and abilities are also linked to one another’s, which can only be passed on through death. If there is no loss of life, then the powers will not be passed onto the next generation of Ackermans.

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