Attack on Titan” may be fame for its traumatic twists and shocking scenes, but these moments are undoubtedly the darkest things in the story.

One of the very first episodes of Attack on Titan will reveal the world of gloom humanity inhabits- beset by savage beasts. Humans are safe living within the Walls prior to the events of the story, but things only get worse after.

Why One Shot From 'Attack on Titan' Anime Haunts Me to This Day

5. Connie Realizes What Happened To His Mother

Connie’s hometown is revealed to be the place where many humans, like his mother, had gone missing. With not much more to go on for clues, he sets out to discover the truth about Ragako; Connie eventually finds out that his own mother was paralyzed by Titans.

Connies Mother Strange Titan Form - Attack On Titan Shop

Alas, Connie’s suspicions are confirmed by Hange to have been fruitless. She mentions the other experiments Zero has performed, and forces him to take Drastically Unethical Steps to recuperate his mother, no other course of action available. Luckily for him, Armin’s resulting speech at the last moment save the events of his life from being eclipsed by remorse.

4. The Titan Eye Looming Over A Thirsty Gelgar

Gelgar in AoT - Attack On Titan Shop

Gelgar is a member of Mike Zacharias’ squad sent to investigate the sudden appearance of Pure Titans inside Wall Rose. He eventually reaches Utgard Castle, where he and Nanaba desperately try to stave off a scroll of marauding Titans.

After being flung into the tower, Gelgar realizes that his death is imminent and decides to make the best of his last moments by having a swig of alcohol from a bottle he had recently discovered. As luck would have it, there is nothing left in the bottle, and a morose Gelgar dies without satisfying his final desire.

3. Mike Zacharias Dies A Lonely Death

Miche dies in AoT - Attack On Titan Shop

Eight-year-old Mike Zacharias enjoys the Scouting regimen because it provides him with increased safety. Originally beginning as a distraction, he becomes obsessed with it. He subconsciously understands that only through the multitude of training exercises that are coded into Scouting’s existence can he scour away all feeling of fear. He then finds peace in death.

In the 104th chapter of Attack on Titan a man named Mike Zacharias is pushed to the edge of existence after he’s interrogated by the Beast Titan and followed by Zeke, who commands the Pure Titans to kill him.

2. Eren’s Mom Is Eaten In Front Of Him

Carla eaten by the smilin titan attack on titan Cropped - Attack On Titan Shop

Carla Jaeger’s death is arguably one of the most devastating moments in Attack on Titan, serving as the basis of Eren’s boundless vengeance against all Titankind. During the attack on Shiganshina in the first episode, Carla is immobilized when the roof of her house collapses on top of her.

Hannes fails to extricate her from her predicament, so he flees the scene with Eren and Mikasa. Carla is thankful that her children are safe, but she is soon crushed and consumed by the Smiling Titan as Eren watches helplessly.

1. The Rumbling Destroys The World

The Rumbling series of events takes place in the storyline and destroys over 80% of the world’s population.

Attack on Titan Rumbling - Attack On Titan Shop

Since the combined efforts of the global military have no effect on the Colossus Titans’ rampage, innocent lives are snuffed out in a macabre spectacle of blood and gore. This unprecedented genocide is described in horrific detail in the manga, with hordes of screaming people trampled mercilessly into the ground.

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